Paul is an expert at sleight of hand and a master showman. His engaging and interactive performance are clean, fresh and funny, providing entertainment that is perfect for all ages. He will whip your audience into a full-throttle frenzy of fun! And, of course, you get to take all of the credit.

Paul provides after dinner entertainment for any group and any occasion. Paul can entertain for Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s), Pastor/Staff/Spouse Events, Fundraisers, and many more.


Paul can be the opening entertainer or headliner for your retreat, conference, or convention. As an opener, Paul kicks off your event with laughter and fun, bringing your group together and creating an atmosphere of excitement and joy.

As a headliner Paul’s stand-up comedy magic act is good clean fun for audiences of any age and size. Several audience members are brought up on stage adding to the excitement. The act blends amazing sleight-of-hand and lots of comedy for a truly entertaining show.

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Paul’s magic is merely the instrument used to bring the great news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul knows how to entertain while presenting a clear Gospel message.